Dartfish Video Analysis

Free @ Clever Cricket

Your individual coaching session is now on TV at Clever Cricket. Gone are the days of wondering what you look like as you play cricket, you can see yourself bat and bowl as it happens!

Through Dartfish technology the coach can now capture video footage of your stroke or delivery and work through it frame by frame as you view it on the TV next to you in the centre.

The coach is able to draw on the screen highlighting the areas that need attention. Information can be saved to computer for further reference and a disk can be burnt for you to take home with you.

Dartfish Nethire - Free

With 2 dartfish systems in place you can know watch yourself bat when facing the bowling machine free! @ Clever Cricket only

Click here to watch the Dartfish video demonstration.


Full Dartfish video analysis is only available in conjunction with our Personal Coaching. However, the Dartfish video playback option is available as a free service in our bowling machine equipped practice net. The provides instant replays of every stroke you play!

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