How Camps Run


Once a Participant’s booking is confirmed, the Participant will receive a confirmation letter setting out relevant information relating to the venue, receipt of payment, clinic times and safety issues.

All camps begin with an introduction video which addresses safety, expectations and correct procedures for the camp.


Participants are placed into groups before the first day of the camp. Groups are formulated by age and best efforts are made to have friends in the same group.

If Participants want to be placed into a group with a friend or team mate,SBCC must be notified of this at the time of booking.

Group sizes - Large Camp

Participants are placed into a group of 12, whichwill join another group to make a total of 24 Participants.

The group coach will take the group of 24to a specialist coach who will then start the session.

The ratio at this point is 2 coaches to 24children (1:12). At any point, this group may be joined by the Coordinator and or the head coach, further improving the coaching ratio.

Group sizes – Standard Camp

Participants are placed into a group of 12 which will have its own coach. At any point the head coach or the Coordinator can move into the session further improving the overall ratio.

Session Structure

Camps run on a rotational basis whereby each group will have a chance to complete all the key sessions over the duration of the Camp.

The exact session structure may vary between Camps, based on the dynamics of the Camp location, the number of participants, and any other relevant factors. Typical sessions may include:

  1. Video analysis - batting and/or bowling
  2. Bowling net session
  3. Batting net session
  4. Centre wicket match practice (depending on availability of centre wicket)
  5. Centre wicket practice session (depending on availability of centre wicket)
  6. Fielding session
  7. Modified game
  8. Head coaches major talk
  9. Running between the wickets (some but not all camps)
  10. Fitness (some but not all camps)



The Camp is designed as a group junior development opportunity for Participants.

It is the aim of SBCC and all staff at the Camp to share time at each activity evenly between the Participants.

We strive to give all Participants the opportunity to develop their skills while at Camp. However, Participants should not expect constant individual attention from coaches or staff.

Participants will be grouped based on age and ability, according to information they have provided to us.

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