Bowling Machine Hire

Clever Cricket has three bowling machines for hire. One has a "super auto feeder" which has been converted to hold 36 balls at once (normally holds 18)! The feeder sends a ball down to you every 9 seconds and is the ideal way to practice on your own.

Use of a bowling machine is included in the price when booking a practice net.


  • Face 36 balls before reloading!
  • New ball every 9 seconds
  • Bright lighting for easy pickup of yellow balls
  • Synthetic wickets as used by local clubs
  • Video replay TV's in all nets

Times - listed on home page

Price 1 net per hour (0-60 minutes)

1 person - $40.00* 2 people - $40.00* 3 people - $50.00* 4 people - $55.00*

5 or more people - $65.00 (5 or more includes speed gun)

*does not include speed gun

Please note: 0 - 30 minutes sessions are charged at the flat rate of $35.


[email protected] (link sends e-mail) or call (03) 9464 6664.

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