Wet Day Policy

Wet Day Procedures

Shaun Brown's cricket coaching uses the following procedures to allow cricket camps to run through inclement weather.

All clinics run as planned under all conditions so participants are advised to attend as normal even in wet conditions.

Situation One-Procedure on showery days

If rain is threatening (but not coming down) coordinators go straight into activity and have as short as possible warm up and introduction.

After rain breaks coordinators will get straight back into the normal or modified program.

Coordinators will fit drinks/food breaks and head coaches talks into rain periods as per a cricket match.

Office support

Internet radar screens are on line at the office so coordinators will call for constant up dates and plan from information provided.

How to modify a program in showery conditions?

Light drizzle will not stop the program, rain periods may delay the program but not stop it as coordinators will rearrange the program to accommodate rain periods.

Equipment- most balls are synthetic and will handle wet conditions. All leather balls to be put aside till dry.

  • Facilities- If turf is wet move centre wicket areas to the side and make a modified game area. Most areas will be synthetic so again this will not effect the program.

Safe camp policy

Coordinators do not allow any children to leave unless with their parent or gaurdian.

Injury - coordinators check that the bowlers landing areas and surrounds are not too slippery.

Situation Two -Raining very heavily with no breaks in sight.

On the rarest of occasions when rain basically "washes out" a day and very little activity can occur the coordinator follows the following procedure.

Example program - heavy rain all day.

Wangaratta (2002)

Get all children in for explanation of procedure.

Session one 1.15 pm
Break off onto three groups and have your coaches talk through

  1. Bowling techniques and match situations.
  2. Batting techniques and match situations.
  3. Fielding techniques and match situations.

15 minutes per group rotations = 45minutes.

2.00 pm Introduce head coach for a quick talk.

2.05 Drinks.

2.20 Head coaches talk (also questions and answers)

3.30 Drinks break

3.50 Trivia (give away prizes ect)

  • 4.15 Head coaches talk 2 or special wet day coaching disc supplied by Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching

4.45-5.00 Conclusion

* Please note the coordinator on consultation with the office may choose to shorten breaks (lunch, drinks and head coaches talks) on day 2 and 3 to ensure all activity is completed over the camp.

If coordinators have any parents who need clarification of procedure on the day of the camps they will refer them straight onto Shaun Brown 0412 382558 or to the office 94656166.

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