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Coaching opportunities exist during our summer camps, which run throughout Victoria, WA and country NSW. All work is paid, and you will have the unique opportunity to work with former Australian Test greats. Coaching workshops will be provided for all coaches who work on our camps, in order to maintain quality standards. What a great way to improve your level of coaching, meet Test stars and be paid, all at the same time!

Plenty of positions are available, so if you are interested, please complete the form below:

Coaching Application Form

Coaches must be 17 years old or older
If under 18yo

Additonal Information

Child Protection Policy

Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching has a duty of care to its clients and to the general public who interact with its employees, volunteers, members and others involved with Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching activities. As part of this duty of care and as a requirement of Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching's Member Protection Policy, Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching must enquire into the background of those applying for, undertaking or remaining in any work (paid or voluntary) that involves working with people under the age of 18 years.

Sincerely declare:

  1. I do not have any criminal charge pending before the courts.
  2. I do not have any criminal convictions or findings of guilt for sexual offences, offences related to children or acts of violence.
  3. I have not had any disciplinary proceedings brought against me by an employer, sporting organisation or similar body involving child abuse, sexual misconduct or harassment, acts of violence, intimidation or other forms of harassment
  4. To my knowledge there is no other matter that Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching may consider to constitute a risk to its members, employees, volunteers, athletes or reputation by engaging me.
  5. I will notify the CEO of the organisation(s) engaging me immediately upon becoming aware that any of the matters set out in clauses above has changed for whatever reason.
  6. I give permission for Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching to conduct an Australia-wide police check through Victoria Police.

Parent/Guardian Consent (in respect of person under the age of 18 years)
I have read and understood the declaration provided by my child. I confirm and warrant that the contents of the declaration provided by my child are true and correct in every particular.

Reason for not quoting an Australian Business Number (ABN) to an enterprise.

Name of supplier

Address of supplier

Under the Pay As You Go legislation and guidelines produced by the Australian Taxation Office I provide you with a written statement that, for the supply I am making and further supplies of this type that I make to you.

Therefore, I am not quoting you an ABN. You should not withhold an amount from the payment you make to me for the supply. I agree to advise you in writing if circumstances change to the extent that this statement becomes invalid.

Letter of Understanding

Once the clinics commence, the coordinator and coaches are the front line of Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching. Consequently the following points stipulate what is expected as appropriate responsibilities and behavior for the coaching staff to adhere to ensure the clinics are operated well and prove to be beneficial to the children involved.

  1. Arrive to each day of the clinic on time, prepared for the week ahead and in a physical and mental condition commensurate with the expected functions of a coach;
  2. Provide the ultimate duty of care for children attending the clinic. This requires coaches ensure children wear protective cricket gear, are aware of the dangers when playing in the nets, wearing sunscreen and generally behaving sensibly so as not to endanger other clinic participants;
  3. Coaches should wear the appropriate uniform - being a Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching cap and shirt to each day of the clinic, as well as runners, NO THONGS OR SANDALS;
  4. Each coach will write reports for a specific number of participants nominated by the clinic coordinator;
  5. Should any coach not be able to attend a clinic, they MUST call Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching 7 DAYS PROIR to the clinic which they are unable to be present;

**Refer to the coach's handbook for penalties for non attendance or poor behavior.

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