Online Personal Coaching

FREE assessment- email up to 60 seconds of your footage to [email protected] and we will assess if it is suitable for an online lesson FREE of charge.

Online personal coaching features face to face analysis of the up-loaded footage you have provided.

Using Discord as our VoIP application we are able to view footage simultaneously, provide verbal, written and illustrated feedback to highlight what is good about your game and what needs work.

The SBCC coaching team has a selected library of clips that can be viewed during the session further highlighting correct techniques.

Each of your sessions will be supported by a free 20-minute SBCC work shop on the shot you have chosen to take the lesson on. The workshops provide valuable information about which drills to employ when working to improve your game and further footage of the best way to play the shot.

Lessons feature

Analysis of your video footage

Verbal, written & illustrated feedback.

Example clips, demo clips and access to the drills that will change your game.

Free link to the SBCC 20-minute workshop on the skill of your choice.


The Cost

On line coaching fee is:$50.00 per half hour session (includes free SBCC work shop).

How to download Discord details click here

Further details?

[email protected] or call 0412382558

Enter your preferred time. Monday to Friday: 4.00pm - 8.30pm - Saturday: 9.00am - 6.00pm

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