Summer Coaching

Term 1 Summer Coaching runs on a casual basis the individual selects the day and time that suits them best. You can come in as often as you like or just for a one off session to fine tune your game!

The SBCC staff coach can cover any aspect of the game, one to one which is by far the best way to coach.

Summer Coaching is by appointment only and can run for a long as you like.

Sessions gernerally run for 30 or 60 minutes but can be longer if requested.

Thomastown & Dandenong 

Monday & Wednesday (TT)
9am till 9pm

Tuesday,Thursday & Friday (TT)
9am till 7pm

Saturday (TT)
9am till 1pm

Sunday (Dandenong only)
10am till 1pm

Werribee & Blackburn
starts May 2022

The Cost

Summer coaching is charged out at $50 per half hour @ Thomastoen and $52 per half hour at all other centres.


If you have a favourite time and day for coaching, be quick to contact us and reserve your time. For bookings, please call  0412 382 558.

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