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Senior Cricketers Play In The UK With Merv!

Play In The UK With Merv!

Join Aussie Test Legend and popular tourist Merv Hughes on a once in a lifetime cricket tour where you play against UK teams!

The tour is for players of all abilities and ages will range from adult to lets say very mature!

If you are currently playing or have retired from your senior cricket career you are welcome to put the spikes on and play in the UK.

The tour features;

* 7 Games     * 2 countries * 17 days

* London, Essex, Oxford, Bath & Cardiff.

* See all the sights  * Great Village Green ovals.

* Supporters, wives and partners encouraged to join the fun.

To receive all the details including price & itinerary please submit your details below.

For all details including price please send

Mobile telephone number & a brief background of you playing history (the tour is for all ages and abilities)


Or Call Shaun on 0412382558.




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