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Summer Series/Match Day Mentor sessions

Summer Series/ Match Day Mentor sessions are 5 individual cricket coaching sessions for the months of October to November. The program uses all the features of our outstanding coaching facility at Thomastown. The dartfish computer analysis system featuring instant access to video replay along with split screen analysis will be supporting our hand picked professional coaches.

Our coaches will discuss your weekend match just completed with you BEFORE your one to one session. This allows us run the coaching session and address any issues that came up under match conditions.

With Cricket season in full swing times will be limited to the following:

Monday Oct 20 to Nov 17 4pm till 9pm
Tuesday Oct 21 to Nov 18 4pm till 5.30pm
Wednesday Oct 22 to Nov 19 4pm till 9pm
Thursday Oct 23 to Nov 20 4pm till 5.30pm
Friday Oct 24 to Nov 21 4pm till 9pm
Shaun Brown

The Cost

The coaching fee is $47.00 per session. 5 sessions x $47.00 = $235.


If you have a favourite time and day for coaching, be quick to contact us and reserve your time. For bookings, please call (03) 9465 6166 or 0412 382 558.


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